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  • Who We Are

    What is the SeaCoop Community?

    The Seamanpreneurs Consumer Cooperative is a community of Seamanpreneurs and Advocates who are driven by common goals and purposes. We pool our strengths and resources so we can achieve as a community what no single person can. We invest together, do business together, and succeed together. We give back to the community by providing employment, opportunities and economic activities.

    Who is behind the SeaCoop?

    Behind this coop is the Seaman Entrepreneurs Advocacy Centre Inc. (Sea Centre), a non-stock non-profit organization that aims to educate Filipino Seafarers, OFWs and their families in financial literacy, develop their business acumen, and support their quest for entrepreneurship.

    Who may join?

    All Filipino Seafarers may join as Regular Members. Non-seafarers such as their family, friends, and other OFWs of legal age may also join as Associate Members. All SeaCoop members must first enlist as Member Advocate of the Seaman Entrepreneurs Advocacy Centre Inc. (Sea Centre), and go through the Pre-membership Education Seminar (PMES) to be accepted as member.

    Why should you join?

    Read below the Vision, Mission, and Objectives of the SeaCoop. Consider also the benefits of becoming a member, not only for the economic benefits but also the value of being in this community. Browse our Business Portfolio to get a glimpse of the potential. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned business person, becoming a part of the SeaCoop will surely enrich your life and expand your horizons.

  • What will SeaCoop Invest In

    The SeaCoop Business Portfolio for the Years 2018-2019

    SeaPay Wallet

    Digital Bank-in-a-wallet

    The SeaPay Wallet will be exclusively developed for the benefit of the SeaCoop Community of members. It is a blockchain enabled bank-in-a-wallet system that gives its users simplified yet secured access to financial services. SeaPay Wallet promotes financial inclusion and financial literacy.

    SeaCoop Store

    Online Cooperative Marketplace

    The SeaCoop Store will feature high quality products by its members and for its members. Initially the store will carry health-related items and superfoods that promote overall well being. Eventually the store will expand its offerings into a marketplace of of consumer products and services.

    Community Market or Convenience Store

    Brick & Mortar Coopertative Store

    In keeping with the essence of a consumer cooperative, SeaCoop will franchise a Community Market or Convenience Store (Options under evaluation: Monterey Community Market, Seven-Eleven, Ministop, Circle K)

    Quick Service Restaurant


    The QSR food business is one of the top businesses for consideration by many entrepreneurs because it is highly in demand. From cafes, to pizza parlors, burger fastfood, and many others. (Options under evaluation: Kuya J, Kambal Pandesal, Angel's Pizza, etc.)



    Yet another necessity in life are pharmaceutical products. The increase in population demands the increase in drugstores, that sometime are even combined with other convenience products and services. (Options under evaluation: The Generics Pharmacy, Generika)

    Gas Station & LPG


    One of the essential commodities that drive the economy are petroleum products. With the right location and vehicle volume, a gas station is a sound business investment that is always in demand. (Options under evaluation: Shell, Petron, Phoenix)

    Agriculture Technology

    Innovative Farming

    Food security is considered a priority especially in this age of accelerated climate change. The SeaCoop will support innovative and technology-enabled agricultural businesses such as sustainable farming, organic farming, urban farming and others.

    Beauty & Wellness

    Products & Services

    The beauty and wellness industry is one that is proven to be quite resilient and can weather even times of economic crisis. The SeaCoop is searching for innovative products and services in this sector that can be distributed not just in the Philippines but also in the Asian region.


    Insurance Technology

    BayaniHealth creates flexible one-click healthcare products, life and accident insurance packages that suit the different needs of OFWs, self-employed, and entrepreneurs.


    Investments to Future-sure your Finances

    Parachure is a digital financial advisor led by industry experts and experienced technology innovators, that provides goal-based financial diagnostics, enabling the community to achieve a future-sure life.


    Real Estate Investing Made Easy

    ReHatch provides every FIlipino the opportunity to build wealth through an online platform that makes real estate investing easy and accessible.

    SeaCoop Link

    Online Community of Seamanpreneurs

    The SeaCoop Link is a business networking space where Seamanpreneurs can showcase their business and connect with clients, suppliers & advisors. It is also a source of relevant industry news and features that serve to keep members inspired and informed.

  • What are the Benefits of Members

    Cooperative Business

    Members are given the opportunity to participate in multiple types of consumer-related cooperative businesses. Seafarers and & OFWs benefit from the leverage of by being able to engage in business even while they are working overseas or as they retire.

    Profitable Consumerism

    This is the key driver in the business activities of SeaCoop. The members are the owner/investors and they are also the customers, so they directly benefit from patronizing its products and services.

    Cooperative Marketplace

    The coop store will start with health-related items and superfoods. Eventually the goal is to develop a robust marketplace where members can buy all their daily needs to take advantage the savings of cooperative buying

    Health & Security

    The saying 'health is wealth' holds true in the SeaCoop Community. Every member is provided a Kyani Health & Wellness Business Starter Package and a Life Insurance Coverage*

    Access, Savings & Patronage Rewards

    All members are given special access, savings and/or rewards when patronizing the products and services from SeaCoop's businesses and tie-ups

    Share of Surplus

    It is the goal of SeaCoop that members of good standing can expect to receive a minimum of 6% annual return from the members' share in the surplus (profit) from its business activities

    Continuing Financial & Business Education

    The SeaCoop will allocate a portion of its resources for the continuing financial and business education of its members, so that they may prosper not just within the coop but also in their own endeavors.

    Advocacy and Support for Entrepreneurs

    The Seaman Entrepreneurs Advocacy Centre Inc. will continuously support the entrepreneurship efforts of its members through education, startup consultancy, shared services, events and other programs.

    Business Networking & Collaboration

    The Sea Centre and SeaCoop will promote and establish the facilities and environment for healthy business networking and collaboration among its members, with the goal of mutual growth and shared success.

  • How to Join

    These are the steps to become a part of the SeaCoop Community


    Sign-up as Member

    Sign-up to become a Member Advocate of the Seaman Entrepreneurs Advocacy Centre (SEA Centre) for a one time fee of P5,000. All SeaCoop members must first go through this step.


    Register & attend the FREE Pre-membership Education Seminar

    The purpose of the PMES is to be properly informed of how a cooperative system works, including the rights, duties and benefits of a member. All SeaCoop members must go through this step.


    Join the Cooperative

    You may join the SeaCoop as a Regular Member (seafarers) or Associate Member (non-seafarers).


    Enjoy the Benefits

    Reap the many benefits of joining this community including special access to cooperative businesses and tie-ups, savings, patronage refunds, shares in the net surplus, and so much more!

  • Become a part of the community

    Need help? Call us at 0995-0112377 so we can walk you through the process.

  • Member-get-member Campaign

    The SeaCoop gives its members rewards for helping grow the community

    Earn a Bonus when you invite a new member

    The more you invite, the bigger your bonuses.


    Each member of the SeaCoop is given a Referral Code. Simply make sure that the member you are referring indicates your Referral Code on the Application for Membership Form.​

  • Connect With Us

    Ermita Center Building, Roxas Boulevard , Manila, 1000, Philippines
    Room 1407